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Preschool and play are universally synonymous with one another. At Kid’s Kastle, our curriculum is intertwined with activities that support cooperation, confidence, and communication building, both verbal and non-verbal, through emotional and physical expression as well as cognitive development. Each teacher approaches their curriculum in various ways and offers different elements that encourage and include nature, art, music, science, culture, cooking, fine and gross motor skills, along with academic work.


Infants and Toddlers Programs

Infants and Toddlers Programs

Infants and Toddlers Programs


Our Infant and Toddler Programs provide a warm, loving, and safe environment where a foundation of trust and security are nurtured. We focus on the importance of developing a relationship with our families, working together with parents, providing daily written and oral communication about their baby's and toddler's activities—essentially providing an overall snapshot of what is going on during the day while at care.

In our infant environment, our goal is to provide a routine that is like home, as much as possible. Whether bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, we encourage moms to come and bond with their baby while breastfeeding.

Our second infant classroom is specifically designated for our Toddlers. At this stage, toddlers are walking, eating table food, using a sippy cup, and down to one nap a day. This is an extremely busy age with a great deal of movement, play, and exploration occurring. Singing, art, outside play, and classroom centers are interactively set up for toddlers to explore. Routine is also important at this stage as it helps promote and build a sense of security and predictability for their day.

Daily documentation is provided to the parents at the end of each day. Our Infant and Toddler teachers are certified and experienced.

Two’s Classroom

Infants and Toddlers Programs

Infants and Toddlers Programs


When children reach the age of two, their social and emotional development highlights their self-expression, independence, and developing vocabulary. As Two’s start evolving at different stages it often creates a busy and active classroom.

The classroom is created with different learning environments set-up for each child to explore and discover their own interests, along with classmates. Our teachers create ongoing examples for our Two’s on how to learn about taking turns, formulating their vocabularies, verbally or by sign, while communicating their needs, and making simple decisions.

Self-regulation is another stage of learning that develops at different times for our Two’s. Learning to identify their bodies and how to manage their emotions is an ongoing process. Potty training is another phase of Two’s that is important. When potty training is mutually agreed upon between teacher and parents we will move forward when support is clearly communicated, and a plan is developed and established between both environments.

Our Two’s teachers are certified and experienced, continually offering patience, kindness, and supportive re-direction whenever needed.

Pre-School Classroom

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom


In our Preschool Program, we begin to focus and introduce more advanced areas of cognitive learning. Some of these areas include letter recognition, pre-reading skills, math, and science.

Fine motor skills are also an important part of the development at this stage. Playing and engaging with manipulatives, or putting puzzles together helps strengthen and develop flexibility with the hand and fine motor skills, increasing success in printing and cutting.

Independence for a preschooler is significant and will become stronger when given the opportunity to serve themselves at meals, make their own beds, and participate in job responsibilities within the classroom or at home.

Our Preschool teachers are certified and experienced, bringing enthusiasm and passion to the classroom each day, encouraging, and motivating our preschoolers through learning and exploration. Our teachers are excited to teach and foster a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their students.

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom


Pre-Kindergarten is the last phase of our Preschool Programs. Many of our Pre-K children started in our Infant Program and are now preparing for their final year of learning before moving on to Kindergarten.

Our goals at this stage are for students to think independently, become good problem solvers, be able to regulate their inner emotions with thoughtfulness, enjoy socializing with their peers, and work through solutions with care and consideration.

In their final year, our Pre-K teachers will work on reading skills, letter recognition, letter sounds, and phonological awareness, continuing to build on their vocabulary through literacy and dialogue. Introduction of basic homework activities enables parents to see how their child is developing and learning, and if extra work in certain areas may be needed. Homework also encourages special learning time at home between the child and the parent, engaging together in the fun learning can bring.

Our Pre-K teachers are certified and experienced, working in a group and individually, providing the necessary learning needed with the opportunity to inspire and stimulate a love of learning with a feeling of self-accomplishment. In our Pre-K classroom, learning is explored and approached in a variety of different ways, through centers of discovery in the classroom, art, music, science, outside play, cooking, and much more.